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Certain Types of Breast Implants Have Been Linked To Cancer

Some doctors are now saying the certain common types of breast implants seem to be causing cancer in rare cases. Have you been diagnosed with cancer after having breast implants? If you’ve been diagnosed or fear that you may be at risk for cancer diagnosis because of your implants, please don’t wait to contact us. Reach us now by filling out the form on this page or by calling 817-455-6822.

Background On The Problem

The rare form of cancer called anaplastic large-cell lymphoma is reportedly linked to breast implants that have rough or textured outer surfaces. These implants are manufactured this way to create better adhesion between tissue and the surface of the implant. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported that a link had been discovered in 2011 between anaplastic large-cell lymphoma and the rough or textured types of implants. Unfortunately for the public, none of the implants have been recalled. We review people’s claims who want to know if their cancer diagnosis was related to their implants or if they’re at risk for a cancer diagnosis.

Many doctors have reportedly been slow to diagnose or properly handle this cancer once it has been diagnosed. Since the problems with this cancer have only recently been discovered, doctors are facing a steep learning curve to catch up with its spread. Doctors are also saying that the cancer can be very hard to detect and the best way to stop it from occurring is to have the textured implants and the scar tissue around them removed.  Many women with symptoms have reportedly complained they’ve faced delays and mistakes in diagnosis.


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