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Getting Junk Faxes? Your Claim Can Be Worth Thousands

If you have received a junk fax, you may be eligible to be part of a class action lawsuit. Many people are not aware that they have rights when it comes to junk faxes. Contact us for information about making a claim by calling 817-455-6822.

What’s a Junk Fax?

Junk faxes are faxes sent from companies trying to sell products or collect debts and that the receiver did not agree in writing to receive. The federal law called the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) is designed to protect people from telemarketing (contacting people to advertise services or goods) and autodialing (a situation where faxnumbers are automatically dialed by software).

The TCPA laws specifically cover fax advertising and debt collection activity. Many companies that offer loans and credit, pharmaceuticals, and even medical device manufacturing companies have been found guilty by courts of illegally sending solicitations and advertising to fax numbers without prior consent from the person or company on the receiving end.

What to do with Junk faxes

If you have received a fax and you have NOT given prior written consent, then you may have a claim. We would like to help you evaluate your case. The TCPA protects your privacy and we want to help protect you. In most cases, a company must have prior written consent to be able to contact people by fax for telemarketing purposes. 

If a business is faxing someone without permission or using auto dial systems, then the business may have to pay thousands of dollars in damages to the victim. If you have received a fax that you did not request, please CONTACT US TO FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A CLAIM by filling out the form on this page or calling 817-455-6822. If we don’t win, you don’t pay any fees..


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