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List of Lawsuits for Natural Products -Ask Us How to Be Included

Don't be fooled by products that are labeled as "natural" because they frequently contain ingredients that are harmful or not natural.  We have uncovered many products that are falsely labeled "natural" and sued the manufacturers. 

If you want to ask us if a "natural" product is on our list of lawsuits, please contact us. Examples include soap, baby wipes and health food.

Unnatural ingredients are often added to food, beauty, cosmetic and even baby products.  We have found many cases and recovered money for consumers.

If you’ve purchased "natural" products and want to know if you have a claim for money, fill out the form on this page or contact us at 817-455-6822.


In addition to being misleading as to quality, falsely advertised products with allegedly 100% naturally-sourced ingredients may present a safety risk to consumers who rely on the label’s advertisements. In the case of personal hygiene products, mislabeled ingredients may be more dangerous to people with sensitivity to chemicals.  When used with other common beauty products, synthetic chemicals may have even stronger adverse effects.

False advertising is a broad term used in consumer protection law to describe misleading, deceptive, and unfair marketing practices.  A company that falsely advertises its products often does so to trick consumers into paying more for what they perceive to be a safer product. However, the product is actually below standard when compared to legitimate premium products. Many consumers have heard of consumer protection laws that help fight against companies in bringing justice for their customers. These laws or tools are also used to ensure companies don't misrepresent a product or service like Scott may be doing. 

Potential Class Action

Our attorneys are working to stop companies from using false marketing and advertising schemes that fool people into spending their hard-earned money for products that don’t actually have extra benefits. If you’ve bought natural products, please contact us for a free evaluation using the form on this page, or call us at 817-455-6822.

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