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Spam Texts Can Earn Victims Up To $1500 for Each Text

If you have received unwanted text messages on your mobile phone, you may be part of a class action. It is not widely known, but people CAN fight back against companies for sending unwanted texts and they have to receive your written consent to be able to do so. Contact us for information about filing a claim by calling 817-455-6822.

Ever have to deal with unwanted messages from companies trying to sell you goods and services via text messages? Did you realize you could be paid money for such messages? Depending on the situation, these unwanted texts messages can be illegal and violate the federal TCPA, otherwise known as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Depending on the case, these illegal texts can cost businesses lots of money and can put up to $1500 in your pocket per illegal text! 

This federal law created rules for companies or people making solicitations over cell phones. Additionally, it makes it illegal for companies to send auto-dialed texts to your phone without express written consent from you to do so. These rules  are also geared  to stop prerecorded or artificial voice telemarketing calls (aka: robocalls) to residential numbers.

Did the Company Get Your Prior Written Permission?

The key part created by the TCPA is the companies must obtain people’s prior express written consent. It’s important to know that the TCPA says that requiring a consumer to give their consent, as a condition of purchasing goods or services is not a valid way of getting a person’s consent. Many companies require users to give their consent to get text messages before they can use their website’s services, which is a federal offense. The TCPA also requires an opt-out notification that consumers have the right to refuse to consent. Under the TCPA prior written consent must be obtained for each individual number companies chose to contact.

If a business is texting you or someone you know without permission, that business may have to pay thousands of dollars per text message to the consumer. If you have received a text message that you did not request, CONTACT US TO FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A CLAIM by filling out the form or calling 817-455-6822. If we don’t win, you don’t pay any fees.

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