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Truck Drivers, You May Have a Claim for Money Due to Labor Law Violations

Truck Drivers, You May Have A Claim for Money For Labor Law Violations

Have you been an independent contractor driver for trucking or freight companies? If you or someone you know has driven a truck as an independent contractor, you may have a claim for back wages or money. 

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Independent Contractors Can Be Employees 
EVEN IF YOU SIGNED an Indepedent Contractor agreement, you may be an employee under the law and owed back wages. Drivers in this situation could be owed money from their employer for overtime and penalties that could add up to a large amount of money. If you’ve been a driver in this situation, we would like to investigate your case. Contact us NOW as each state has limited time to make a claim.

How An Indepedent Contractor Automatically Becomes an Employee

An independent contractor can become an employee automatically if the employer has a large amount of control over the driver's working life. By law, an independent contractor is supposed to be able to control how they provide their services to the person or business that hired them. An independent contractor is usually able to dictate how they operate, except as stated otherwise in a contract between the independent contractor and the person or business. But if the employer takes over these roles, it looks more like an employee and the law will treat the driver as an employee for things like overtime, penalties to the employer and rest breaks.  You can discuss your employment situation and problems by contacting us -- fill out the form on this page or call 817-455-6822.


Potential Class Action

We are investigating potential claims on behalf of people who drive now or have in the past for P.A.M., KLLM, Graebel Van Lines, North American Van Lines, RPM Consolidated Services, Covenant Transportation Group, Saia, LRC Trucking, Knight Transportation, or others. If you’ve experienced the kind of driver pay situation discussed above, CONTACT US TO FIND OUT IF YOU HAVE A CLAIM by filling out the form or calling 817-455-6822.. If we don’t win, you don’t pay any fees.

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