Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

The Food and Drug Administration requires that drug companies do extensive testing to ensure that their products are safe. In some cases, dangerous drugs end up being released anyway. These medications can cause people to develop serious unexpected side effects or even to lose their lives because of complications of the medications.

When a medication turns out to be dangerous and people get hurt, they have the right to receive compensation for their medical bills, loss of wages, and other losses that the defective drug has caused them to experience. Because many thousands of people are usually affected when dangerous drugs are released into the marketplace, cases against drug companies are often resolved through class action litigation. A class action lawsuit allows many people who were all hurt by the same dangerous medication to pursue one big case against the pharmaceutical manufacturer in order to recover the money they deserve.

Class action lawsuits have already been filed by a class action attorney related to many of the most dangerous drugs that have been sold in recent years. New litigation arises when the FDA recalls a drug, or when many people come forward to report unexpected side effects. It is impor-tant to stay up-to-date on news of dangerous drugs so you can find out if you or any of your loved ones has taken a medication that may be more harmful than you were led to believe.

The news and information below provides some information about class action lawsuits related to defective drugs. Feel free to browse the information, and to contact a class action attorney if you have questions about your own rights when it comes to dangerous medication you have taken.