Lierac Cellulite Treatment Class Action


Lierac Paris Anti-Cellulite Cream and Lotion Class Action

Recent reports have said that a seller of Lierac Paris “anti-cellulite” products is under investigation for false advertising. The company reportedly sold and continues to sell a line of creams, lotions and serums despite knowing that the products don’t work as advertised. It is a violation of laws that regulate consumer products when companies knowingly sell products to the public using fraudulent marketing claims. If you or anyone you know has purchased any of the Lierac Paris Body-Slim anti-cellulite product line, then you may be part of a class action lawsuit. An investigation into this matter is ongoing. Please contact us using the form on this page or call us at 213-217-5019. For more on how fraudulently advertised products affect people negatively, click here

Background of Company

Ales Group, U.S.A. Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of products advertised as cellulite-reducers. The company ia alleged to sell a variety of products through a nation-wide marketing scheme that misleads and confuses people about the reality of the products. The company has been accused of deceptive and misleading claims and promises made to the public about how well the products allegedly work. The allegedly fraudulent products claim on in-store display materials things like “you’re only 2 weeks from a firmer, smoother body.” The company has been accused of a concerted and orchestrated effort to deceive women into believing that just by rubbing the Lierac Paris Body-Slim products on they can get relief from cellulite and unwanted bodily curves. Lierac Paris has allegedly been accused of using pseudoscience and deceptive packaging claims instead of valid research to make massive sales of the products. If you’ve been convinced to buy Lierac Paris products by these types of claims, you may have a claim. Contact our attorneys using the form on this page or call us at 817-455-6822.


Lierac Cellulite Treatment Claims Are Unsupported by Scientific Evidence

It has been reported that there is no credible scientific evidence to support claims made about Lierac’s alleged effectiveness against cellulite. Medical professionals strongly reject the idea that any product which is applied on the skin can make cellulite disappear. There is a large body of research showing that anti-cellulite products are ineffective and useless for getting rid of cellulite. Several highly respected doctors have studied cellulite, its causes, and attempts at stopping it. These studies say that cellulite is a normal condition affecting almost all women and there is no magic remedy for making it disappear. The products marketed by Ales alleged to be effective at eliminating cellulite are: Lierac Body-Slim Multi-Action Concentrate Lierac Body-Slim Stomach and Waist Lierac Body-Slim Stubborn Areas Lierac Body-Slim Destock Night Lierac Body-Slim Oil Lierac Body-Slim Day and Night Duo

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If you or anyone in your family has purchased any Lierac Paris products making these fraudulent claims, you may have a claim. For more information on how class action lawsuits help average people, click here. Please contact us using the form on this page or call us at 817-455-6822.