Medical Device Lawsuits Stop Harmful Practices

The federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act was enacted by Congress to protect people from harmful products marketed by certain industries including the medical device manufacturing industry. The Act gives agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), power to protect people by fining and charging companies in these industries with violations. When people are harmed, our lawyers sue companies to help recover for losses related to faulty or defective products, including Stryker total hip replacement. If you or someone you know has been harmed by a medical device, please contact us using the form to the right or call us at 424-245-5505. You may be part of a class action lawsuit.

Stryker Femoral Heads Recalled People with Stryker Corporation’s hip replacement devices called LFIT Anatomic CoCr V40 Femoral Heads are reportedly experiencing huge numbers of problems from having these implants. The company and surgeons that implanted the devices have sent letters to people who received them, warning of dangers of separation of the femoral heads from their anchors. Metal poisoning (metallosis) has also been reported by victims of the LFIT devices.

Medical Device Act Background

The medical device industry does over $85 billion in business every year, due to thousands of people receive medical device implants in their bodies. Thousands of people have been harmed by defective medical devices like hip implants such as the Stryker head hip device, knee implants and birth control systems. To help people who have suffered from faulty medical devices, Congress enacted the Medical Device Act (MDA) by amending, or adding to, the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. The MDA created different levels of oversight for medical devices based on their risk of harming people. The different levels fall under what are called ‘classes’. Class 3 devices have the highest FDA oversight. Companies like Stryker Corporation, which manufactures many medical products for implanting in people’s bodies, have been sued hundreds of times for harms caused by their products, like in the Stryker mdl. If you or someone you know has been harmed by a Stryker medical implant, please contact us using the form on this page or call us at 424-245-5505. You may be part of a class action lawsuit.

Potential Class Action Lawsuit

Medical devices made by companies like Stryker and others are prohibited by the MDA’s rules from selling faulty or defective devices. If you or someone you know has suffered harm from a medical device, you may need the solutions offered by our attorneys. Please contact us to find out if you have a claim. Use the form on this page or call us at 424-245-5505 for help with your claim.

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